Restaurant Server


To provide a memorable dining experience for every guest through personalized service that will bring them back.


  • Smile and welcome every guest to Friendly’s, acknowledge new and returning guests differently.
  • When drink orders are received at greeting, arrive with them on a tray.
  • Always recommend an appetizer outside of breakfast.
  • Enter orders into POS immediately.
  • Always recommend upgrades sincerely, i.e. ‘Would you like to upgrade to loaded waffle fries or a 3 scoop sundae?’
  • Follow all BYOB (Build your own burger) steps completely, especially reading the order back to the guest, using the guest’s name upon delivery and at check back.
  • Always recommend dessert by pointing out specific products, use the menu as a visual aid.
  • Make each guest feel important and special, especially kids!
  • Look for ways to go above and beyond for your guests and coworkers.
  • Own the entire dining experience.
  • Be the final quality control checkpoint, be proud of everything.
  • Have impeccably neat uniforms, tables and welcome areas that are always set and ready to go.
  • Offer a sincere, personal welcome to every guest entering the restaurant.
  • Smile and make eye contact.
  • Anticipate the guest’s needs and react before they need to ask.
  • Create an emotional attachment to our restaurant by helping our guests create great memories.


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