Step 1

Find a Friendly's

Stop by or call your local Friendly's and request a FUNraising event.

Step 2

Tell Us About Your Event

Fill out the application form and provide a W-9 to book your event with your local restaurant General Manager.

Step 3

Get Your FUNraising Vouchers

The General Manager will arrange for you to receive FUNraising vouchers, created specifically for your event.

Step 4

Tell Your Friends & Family

Distribute your FUNraising event vouchers and advertise your event with flyers! Be sure to include your organization’s name, as well as the date and time of your event. Don’t forget to invite your friends and family, too!

Step 5

Plan Ahead

Review the Friendly’s Checklist.

Step 5

Have some FUN!

Have an awesome FUNraiser!