FRIENDLY’S® SWEET REWARDS CLUB Frequently Asked Questions

What is FRIENDLY’S® Sweet Rewards Club?
Friendly’s Sweet Rewards Club is a loyalty program that allows you to earn points for every qualified purchase you make from any of our participating Friendly’s restaurant locations!

What are the benefits of being a FRIENDLY’S Sweet Rewards Club member?

  • All guests can join Friendly’s Sweet Rewards for Free!
  • You will earn 1 point for every dollar spent on qualified purchases at participating locations.
  • You will receive a FREE Medium Sundae reward just by registering your Friendly’s Sweet Rewards account!
  • You will receive a $5 reward for every 75 Sweet Rewards points you earn.*
  • You will receive a FREE Medium Sundae on your birthday.
  • You will receive FREE Delivery on Tuesdays when you place an online order thru Friendly’s mobile app or at order.friendlysrestaurants.com
  • You will receive a FREE Medium sundae reward after five medium or larger sundaes have been purchased.
  • As a registered and opted-in Friendly’s Sweet Rewards Club member, you may also receive special promotions, coupons and invitations to exclusive events at FRIENDLY’S restaurant locations.
  • Your rewards are automatically saved to your Friendly’s Sweet Rewards Club account. To redeem them, just provide your registered phone number, 9 or 16-digit account number or 4-digit check in app code at the time of purchase.

*You must provide your account number, registered phone number or mobile app check-in code at the time of purchase to earn your Friendly’s Sweet Rewards points. You will not earn points for payment of sales tax.

Ok, how do I get started?
It’s easy! There are a couple of ways to join FRIENDLY’S Sweet Rewards Club:

  • Download the Friendly’s app from the App Store or Google Play store and create your account. There is no cost to download the app and you can begin using the app immediately.
  • Sign up on our website https://www.friendlysrestaurants.com/login/.

How does the FRIENDLY’S Sweet Rewards Club work?
When you set up an account, you’ll immediately start earning points for every qualified purchase you make at any of our participating Friendly’s restaurant locations! Just make sure you identify yourself as a rewards member on each visit so that your qualified purchase can be tied to your account.

What if I was part of the previous FRIENDLY’S BFF Club program?
If you were a BFF VIP, you will be automatically upgraded to our new Friendly’s Sweet Rewards Club! If you were a previous BFF member that did not upgrade to VIP, you’ll need to set up a new account by downloading our mobile app or registering at https://www.friendlysrestaurants.com/login/.

What if I don’t have a mobile device or don’t want to have the FRIENDLY’S app on my phone?
You can still participate in Friendly’s Sweet Rewards Club on our website. https://www.friendlysrestaurants.com/login/

How do I know what rewards I’ve received?
You’ll receive communication via the email address you signed up with. You can also check your account balance at any time by opening the Friendly’s app and clicking the “rewards” button. Or going online to your account at https://friendlys.myguestaccount.com.

I have a reward, how do I redeem it?
It’s super simple!

If you are at a participating Friendly’s restaurant, you can access your offers thru the following ways:

  • Provide your Phone Number: New signups will have a phone number associated with their account for quick and easy account look up.
  • Provide your Member ID: Located under “my account” on our website or mobile app, https://friendlys.myguestaccount.com you’ll find your 9-digit member ID.
  • Provide Mobile Check in Code: Simply click “check in” on the app to retrieve your check in code.
    If you are ordering online through Friendly’s website or through the Friendly’s mobile app:
  • You can redeem your reward when placing an online order through Friendly’s website or ordering with the Friendly’s mobile app by logging in with the email address associated with your account and clicking on “apply rewards” at the checkout screen.

What is considered a qualified purchase for earning FRIENDLY’S Sweet Reward Club Points?
Qualified purchases are based on actual dollars tendered for menu item purchases made at participating Friendly’s restaurant locations. The purchase of a Friendly’s gift card is not a qualified purchase; however, purchases made at a participating Friendly’s restaurant location using a Friendly’s gift card is considered a qualified purchase. Qualified purchases are determined by Friendly’s in its sole discretion and may be changed without notice.

Do my FRIENDLY’S Sweet Reward points and rewards ever expire?
Yes, all offers do expire, although we do our best to give you enough time to redeem. Here is the Friendly’s Sweet Rewards points and expiration date schedule:

  • Birthday Sundae Reward – 30 days from issue date. Free Medium birthday sundae is issued on the first day of your birthday month.
  • Earned $5 Rewards – 60 days from issue date. Your $5 reward is earned once you accumulate 75 points ($1 spent = 1 reward point)
  • Earned Sundae Reward – 60 days from issue date. Your Free sundae is earned after you purchase 5 medium or larger sundaes.
  • Coupons and other rewards we may send you on a periodic basis that are neither Birthday Rewards nor Earned $5 Rewards will expire 30 days after we send or issue you the coupon or reward; however, please check the coupon or reward for the actual expiration date of such offer.

It’s my birthday and I didn’t receive my Medium Sundae reward. Why?
Your Friendly’s Sweet Rewards Club needs to be activated and registered prior to your birthday month to receive a birthday reward. Please contact us via email at rewards@frcorporate.com and we can adjust if you did not receive your FREE birthday sundae.

Can I use rewards to purchase a FRIENDLY’S gift card?
No. You cannot use rewards to purchase Friendly’s gift cards.

Can I use any earned rewards in conjunction with other coupon offers?
No. Rewards cannot be combined with any other offers or coupons.

My purchase total is less than my $5 reward. Can I redeem part of it now and the rest later?
Yes, you can use part of your reward and the balance will be saved to your account for redemption towards a future purchase.

Do I earn Rewards points on coupon and/or reward redemptions?
No. Friendly’s Sweet Rewards Club points are earned only on qualified purchases and actual dollars tendered at participating Friendly’s restaurant locations.

I received a Friendly’s gift card but I already have a Friendly’s Sweet Rewards account. What do I do?
If you only want to carry one card, you can log into your account and merge the two accounts (see merging instructions below).

Can I combine Friendly’s Sweet Rewards Points from multiple Friendly’s cards?
Yes. Simply register the Friendly’s card that you will keep as your primary Friendly’s Sweet Rewards card and email us at rewards@frcorporate.com with your request to combine your multiple Friendly’s cards. You will need to provide us with the numbers of all your Friendly’s cards, and indicate which Friendly’s card you would like to have as your primary card. We will transfer your Friendly’s Sweet Rewards points and/or rewards from the Friendly’s Sweet Rewards cards you want to combine to the one that you designate as your primary card.

Can I have more than one FRIENLDY’S Sweet Rewards Club account?
Unfortunately, no. Only one account can be set up per individual.

Can I get Friendly’s Sweet Rewards points for purchasing a Friendly’s gift card?
No. You cannot receive Sweet Rewards Points for purchasing a Friendly’s gift card. However, the gift card recipient will earn points for every qualified purchase that they make at a participating Friendly’s location using their Friendly’s gift card in conjunction with their Sweet Rewards card.

I forgot to provide my FRIENDLY’S Sweet Rewards Club digits on my last visit. Can I still get rewards points for my purchase?
Yes! Simply email a copy of your receipt with your Friendly’s Sweet Rewards Club account number to rewards@frcorporate.com.

Can I use the FRIENDLY’S Sweet Rewards Club app to earn points and redeem rewards?
Yes! By checking in to your local participating Friendly’s restaurant, you will be able to earn rewards points and redeem rewards when you provide either your registered phone number or the check in app code at the time of your purchase.

Can I check-in multiple times at the same location?
Yes. There is no limit to the number of check-ins that you can perform throughout the day. However, you can only check in 3 times within a 10 minute span. Also note there must be at least 1 minute between check-ins.

How does the “Refer a Friend to FRIENDLY’S Sweet Rewards Club” work?

  • Registered Friendly’s Sweet Rewards Club members can now refer an unlimited number of friends to sign up for Friendly’s Sweet Rewards Club via their account!
  • To do so, just log into your account and select the “Refer a Friend” link located on the left side of the screen.
  • From here, simply type in the email addresses for anyone you would like to refer.
  • Those persons will receive an email from Friendly’s inviting them to enroll online by clicking on the link within the referral email.
  • If a friend or family member that you refer registers for Friendly’s Sweet Rewards Club via the link in the invitation they receive, you (as the registered invitee) will receive a Free appetizer reward in appreciation for your referral after they have made their first visit using their FRIENDLY’S Sweet Rewards Club account.
  • Please note that these rewards expire 30 days from the day they are issued. As with other rewards, these have no cash value, they cannot be used to purchase Friendly’s gift cards and are a one-time use only reward.
  • Members can refer an unlimited number of friends.
  • You will only receive the Free appetizer reward if the friend or family member that you referred registers for Friendly’s Sweet Rewards lub via the link in the referral email and after they have made a visit using their Friendly’s Sweet Rewards Club account.

I placed an online order but didn’t receive points. Why not?
You may not have received points for your online order if you placed an order as a guest and did not sign into your account. You must be signed into your account at the time of purchase to accrue points. Rewards members can only earn points on purchases made on Friendly’s mobile app or order.friendlysrestaurants.com. Points cannot be earned on third party delivery sites.

Where can I check my gift card balance?
You can check your gift card balance at your nearest participating Friendly’s restaurant or online at https://friendlys.myguestaccount.com or via the Friendly’s app.

My receipt was for higher than the points I received, why?
You earn points on all pre-tax sales and not the receipt total (which includes tax). Any discounts applied to the check, do not get points.

If I have added dollar value to my Sweet Rewards card, can I still use it even though my card is not registered?
Yes. Whether or not you activate and register your Sweet Rewards card, you can load or reload it as a prepaid/stored value card. And, regardless of the dollar value on your Sweet Rewards card, you’ll earn points every time you make a qualified purchase at a participating Friendly’s Restaurant location as long as you present your Sweet Rewards Club digits (which is your card, account number, app check in code) at the time of purchase.

How do I replace a lost or stolen card?
If your Sweet Rewards card is ever lost or stolen, visit your local participating Friendly’s restaurant location and request a new Sweet Rewards card. If you remember your 9 digit account number, the store will be able to exchange your old card for a new card. This process will automatically transfer any balances from your lost card to your new card. If you do not have the 9 or 16 digit account number, you will need to ask for a new card and register your new Friendly’s card with a new user name and password, but with the same email address that you used to register your lost or stolen card. Once you have done this, email us at rewards@frcorporate.com and ask that your reward points and any reward balances be transferred to your new Friendly’s card. In order for us to transfer any existing points and/or rewards, we will need your new Club card number as well as the user name connected to your old account. You will not be eligible for any registration rewards when you register your new card and transfer your points to your new account.
Please note that your use of and/or participation in the Friendly’s Sweet Rewards Club constitutes your acceptance of the complete terms and conditions of our loyalty program. The Company may, at any time, and at its sole discretion, modify these terms and conditions, with or without notice. Such modifications will be effective immediately upon posting. You agree to review these terms and conditions of use periodically, and your continued use of and/or participation in the Friendly’s Sweet Rewards Club following such modifications will indicate your acceptance of any modified terms and conditions of use. If you do not agree to any modification of the terms and conditions of use, you must immediately stop using and/or participating in the Friendly’s Sweet Rewards Club.